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My name is Erica Manto Paulson.  I am a certified doula, a certified childbirth educator, certified midwife assistant, and a faculty member of CAPPA International's Labor Doula trainers. 

I am the founder of The Doula School and own Nurture, a perinatal wellness center located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My Story

The Doula School is a subsidiary of Nurture, a perinatal women's wellness center in Cincinnati.  Erica is owner of Nurture and founder of The Doula School. She is a CAPPA certified labor doula and certified childbirth educator, a Birth Arts International certified midwife assistant, and a member of the labor doula faculty for CAPPA International. She is waterbirth credentialed and NRP certified.


Erica has been training doulas for CAPPA since 2014.  She is a professional member of CAPPA, Birth Arts International, and the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. Erica is also a published poet, author, and speaker. She has served over 1000 families in her tenure as a doula and childbirth educator since 2006. Erica has held board positions with the Cincinnati Area Doula Society, the Buckeye Birth Coalition, International Cesarean Awareness Network, and the Dayton Area Labor Support. 

View my professional CAPPA bio here


I'm always looking for new opportunities to build bridges within the perinatal field and increase support options for childbearing women. Let's connect.


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