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What is CAPPA?

CAPPA is the most comprehensive perinatal organization. CAPPA has a proven history in the perinatal certification business, since 1998. You can have confidence in the CAPPA doula trainings we provide due to CAPPA’s longevity and stability in the field.

Why Choose CAPPA

• We have standardized training curriculum and manuals, ensuring that all CAPPA professionals receive the same high quality education.  Our evidence based curriculum and materials are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

• CAPPA has a high standard for our in-person learning environments, ensuring that our training workshops and conferences are professional for optimal adult education and professional training.

• CAPPA places strong emphasis on the ability of their professionals to build a professional business presence in their communities. All CAPPA programs teach business and marketing skills. CAPPA’s certification steps are designed to thoroughly prepare and certify the best perinatal professionals. 

• CAPPA was the first organization (and still the only major organization) to require comprehensive examinations as part of the conditions for doula certification candidates.  CAPPA understands that recertification has tremendous value in a field that changes rapidly, and places emphasis on staying current. CAPPA’s recertification process includes continuing education and journal research reviews. 

• CAPPA runs CAPPA. We are NOT run by a management company. This means that CAPPA staff cares deeply about CAPPA professionals, and knows many of them personally. Surveys show that CAPPA has an excellent member satisfaction rate. 

• CAPPA has invested its time and energy in creating high quality professional programs, building bridges in the perinatal field, and taking good care of our members.  CAPPA is the only perinatal organization that has invested in a sophisticated membership database. By giving our members the ability to control their own profile, the CAPPA Member Center is more current and personalized than centrally controlled membership databases.  Because of our emphasis on continuing education, CAPPA provides a free conference for our members to obtain their contact hours. The conference also fosters the strong community and sisterhood that CAPPA members share. 


• CAPPA’s policies and updates are consistently at the forefront of the perinatal field. Other organizations regularly follow their lead and mimic their policies, certification requirements, and professional standards. 
CAPPA was the first organization to institute a grievance policy. CAPPA was the first organization to institute a social media policy to protect our profession and the families we work with.


• CAPPA takes Scope of Practice extremely seriously, and puts great emphasis on our SOP. This allows professionals to be trusted by medical professionals and the families they serve.  CAPPA is the only perinatal organization that promotes the "Love Wins" and "Building Bridges" mindset, actively working with other national organizations and health care providers to promote normal birth and cooperation amongst everyone who serves expecting families. 

• CAPPA recognizes the many challenges faced by our professionals, and those that loom in the future (including insurance coverage and possible regulation/licensure of doula).  Because of this, CAPPA continues to design and update their programs to address these issues and many others. CAPPA's goal is that CAPPA professionals will be equipped to meet future changes with confidence and minimal stress. 

• CAPPA is the only major organization that certifies childbirth, lactation, teen, and pregnancy fitness educators, as well as labor and postpartum doulas. They recognize that perinatal professionals often need to certify in more than one related field, and their consistent standards and procedures makes this a more streamlined process for their professionals.

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