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CAPPA Steps for Certification

Upon completion of our CAPPA Labor Doula training you will be a certified CAPPA Doula.  This provisional certification will last for two years, giving you ample time to finish the remaining steps to complete and maintain your doula certification with CAPPA.

View the download to review the full steps for CAPPA doula certification.

Ohio Board Certified

Doula Certification

Starting October 2024, Ohio will implement new certification requirements for doulas through the Ohio Board of Nursing. Here’s what you need to know about becoming a certified doula in Ohio.

Certification Requirements

To become a certified doula in Ohio, doulas must:

  1. Complete Approved Training: Training through recognized organizations such as CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) meets the Ohio Board’s requirements.

  2. Meet Educational Standards: Demonstrate sufficient education and experience in doula care.

  3. Continue Education: Participate in ongoing training, including courses on racial bias, health disparities, and cultural competency.

  4. Apply for Certification: Submit an application with the required documentation and fees, with provisions for income-based sliding scales.


* Doulas cannot use the title "certified doula" starting October 2024 without obtaining the doula certification from the Ohio Board of Nursing.


CAPPA Labor Doula Training

CAPPA’s labor doula training is comprehensive and meets Ohio’s certification standards. This training equips doulas with the skills necessary to provide professional, compassionate, and evidence-based care, ensuring they are well-prepared to support families during childbirth.

CAPPA Supports Ohio Doulas

Ohio CAPPA doula trainees who wish to become a certified doula in Ohio can obtain immediate provisional certification upon completion of an official CAPPA Labor Doula training.  Trainees will have two years to complete the remaining steps for certification.  The provisional CAPPA certification will allow certified doula candidates to meet the application requirements set forth by the Ohio Board of Nursing for doula certification from a training organization.

Benefits of Ohio Board Certification for Doulas

Certified doulas will be eligible for Medicaid reimbursement, expanding access to doula services for low-income families. This initiative aims to improve maternal and infant health outcomes across Ohio.

Medicaid’s Role in Doula Certification and Coverage

As part of the Maternal and Infant Support Program (MISP), Ohio Medicaid is learning from other states to ensure the integrity and independence of the doula profession. Medicaid is carefully evaluating rate development, considering what other states are paying, and ensuring sustainable rates for Ohio doulas. An actuary is determining appropriate rates for each pregnancy phase.

Medicaid will develop a technical assistance guide to help doulas obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI) and enroll in the billing process.



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