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Some of you may already know me, but for those that don’t… Hi, my name is Erica and I am the founder and owner of  The Doula School.  I am also the founder and owner of Nurture, a women's wellness company that provide services that center around preparing for and fully embracing the childbearing years.

As a CAPPA Labor Doula faculty trainer I have mentored new doulas for the past ten years by offering insight, support, and guidance as they navigate their journey to becoming knowledgable, skilled, and independent perinatal professionals in their community.

I know you are here because you feel called to work with childbearing families in your community.  At The Doula School we are honored that you are coming to us as partners in that important work.


The Doula School at Nurture would like to provide guidance and support to student doulas who are dedicated, committed individuals that want to become fully certified CAPPA doulas.  I am looking for likeminded people who have a drive for excellence and want to go beyond their own personal goals for certification, with an interest in elevating professional standards in our field.

Acceptance in our mentorship program is competitive and challenging.  There are no costs to participate in our program and student doulas are paid to attend births, but our program requires a lot of time, dedication, and hard work.  You will learn every aspect of the business from interviews and prenatal appointments, to operating systems and business planning, to birth attendance and working with a variety of clients. 


Selections are based on experience, personal work ethic, drive, passion, and commitment to the program.  To apply, please fill out the information below and I will be in touch

Requirements and Process to Apply



Mentorship positions are for CAPPA trained doulas living in the greater Cincinnati-Dayton-NKY-IN area. Applicants must have completed a CAPPA doula

training with the intention of becoming and maintaining certification with CAPPA.



Mentorship opportunites are limited due to the amount of time invested into each student accepted into the program.  Please apply by submitting the form below.  Once received, we will email you a more detailed letter and complete application.  



Applications are reviewed monthly.  You will receive notice of the status of your application, either way, within two weeks of receiving your complete applicaiton.



If selected, your mentorship will help you become a confident, skilled, and trusted birth worker in your community.



You can change your mind at any time if you feel this is not the right fit for you and we can too.  


Paid Position

Student doulas accepted into the program are paid for each birth they attend.  Students work with clients one-on-one and with a certified doula mentor.  Students receive support and guidance throughout the entire mentorship process.

Apply Here

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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