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Does Where You Get Your Doula Training Matter?

Updated: Apr 10

Yes and no. Depends on what you are looking for. A quick Google search shows all kinds of options for becoming a doula for everything from a quickie, online class that produces a certificate you can show as "proof" or a longer, educational journey that requires more time, money, and commitment from you.

If you are looking for the quickest route to show a certificate then you can find it but it isn't hard to convince anyone that faster doesn't equal better. It also doesn't equal "equal"-- meaning not all certifying organizations are turning out the same certified doulas.


If you know anything about certifying organizations, you know that they aren't all the same. Some focus heavily on starting a business but lack the nuts and bolts of solid labor support skills for a doula, and some are opposite of that (heavy on the labor support but skinny on the business aspect). They also don't all have the same requirements because there is no licensure for doulas like there is for midwives or even massage therapists, so there is not a governing board setting standards for what a person must do and complete to become a doula.

This definitely complicates things for both professionals and the people who want to hire a doula because there can be a BIG difference in training, experience and ongoing education between one doula and the next and it's hard to know what those differences are if you aren't trained to look for them.

Thankfully here in Ohio, as well as in other states, there are changes in the works that will make things much more clearly defined in our profession.

For example,Tri-Care (an insurance provider for military families) now has coverage for doula services but doulas must be certified TriCare providers. The only way for a doula to be a certified TriCare provider is to be certified as a doula by very specific list of international certifying organizations. There are only three organizations on that list, CAPPA being one of them. There is a reason why people trust CAPPA doulas and it has everything to do with the longevity of the organization, their educational standards, training, certification requirements and scope of practice guidelines.

Ohio Medicaid is also expected to start covering doula services soon and CAPPA doulas are one of only eight international certification organizations on their list of valid providers. I am excited about these changes because they will benefit BOTH the professional doula and the childbearing people and families who work for them.

Why did I choose CAPPA?

CAPPA, as an organization, is very highly regarded amongst medical professionals and in the perinatal community at large. If hospitals have an "approved organization list," you can be sure CAPPA is on it, so when you join CAPPA you align yourself with an organization that has proven itself for more than 25 years.

I have spoken to several doulas over the years who certified with an organization because it was faster, cheaper, etc. only to feel frustrated with the lack of support and opportunities for professional growth that their organization was NOT offering them. Eventually they ended up spending more money and time on supplementing their education, searching for community, and growing their business.

How to register for a training?

We have in-person and online trainings available right now.

New for 2023 we have a destination training in beautiful Tybee Island, GA-- if you have been to Tybee you know what a magical place it is. Consider this a work trip and set aside some extra time for visiting the beaches, shops, and nearby Savannah, GA for vacation!

Don't see a training in your area? Contact me about how to bring a CAPPA labor doula training to your hometown. You have an opportunity to take your training for free if you meet the requirements. Send me a message and let's talk about it! I would love the opportunity support you on making your doula dreams into an amazing, viable, exciting career.

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